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Part 3

Here is the final video in this 3-part series. Everything in this video took place the last day of the trip with our awesome crew. Special thanks to Scott Culp for really making this come together for us. He was gracious enough to open his private lake to us for the day. We would also like to thank Shane Blanton, Troy Mann, and Scott Culp for the killer boat driving. It’s not exactly easy to keep three boats close together and in perfect arrangement, doing circles around a lake. Kudos fellas!

Part 3 is the icing on the cake, the cat’s pajamas, or the bee’s knees if you will of the Phase 5 ’13 Media trip. “We had a blast” does not even come close to describing the epic-ness of this day. Enough of this rant, just watch the video!

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Riders Drew Danielo, Shane Blanton, Zach Smetts, Dave Scott, Dave Armstrong, Chris Hau, Jaqualine Fort, Stephen Bradford, John Akerman
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