Thank you for everything, the Danielo Pro Carbon is JUST AWESOME. For those of you that are reading this my buddy, his son and I surf behind a 2011 Mastercraft – X45 with factory ballast/1100 LB fat sacks plumbed into each locker and 2014 Super Air Nautique G23 with NSS and factory ballast. At the beginning of the season we were riding the Inland Surfer Black Pearl with a single small fin setup and thought it was great. However, I had been reading about the DPC and decided to called Zach at Phase5 to find out what the story was. After a long call I ordered the 54”. I weigh in at 203lbs and was logically concerned it would be a lot of work to stay in the pocket. We got it, we road it and we loved it instantly. The board is a bit flatter, a bit shorter than the Black Pearl and a lot faster (I mean a lot faster). Strange, a shorter board and yet, much faster. Hmmmm. So much so we have to use more back foot not to slam into the back of the boat. The DPC is extremely nimble and even a little squirrely until you get used to it compared to the BP. Once you do it slides/spins much more freely and hooks back up effortlessly. Again, thank you Zach for taking the time to discuss the DPC and for convincing me to give Phase5 a shot. Oh yeah, the Carbon Fiber top looks AWESOME IN THE SUN!!!!!!!