We can’t keep the cat in the bag any longer. We are excited to announce that the extremely talented and up coming pro rider Trevor Fearson has joined the fun family at Phase 5 Wakesurfers.
Trevor has been wake surfing for 5 years and has accomplished quite a bit in a short time. 2013 was the year he really started to shine with a 1st place win in the outlaw skim division at the Us Nationals. He went on that year to win the Outlaw Skim World Championships and was also named the 2013 Male Breakout rider of the year. In 2015 Trevor proved he will be a force to deal with when he surprised everyone with a 3rd Place finish in the pro mens skim division at the USA National Wakesurf Championships. The line up at this event was one of the hardest pro divisions to date and Trevor killed it all weekend, landing his first 540 big spin in a contest.

We had a chat with Trevor about joining the Phase 5 team and here is what he had to say:

P5: What are your thoughts about joining the P5 team?
TF: Joining the Phase 5 team means that I will be apart of a friendly progressive team that will help me become the best rider I can be.

P5: What is it about wakesurfing that attracted you?
TF: I love wake surfing! I can go out on the boat and have fun with my family and friends. At the same time I am still progressing my skills.

P5: What are your plans for 2016?
TF: I plan on working to become more consistent with my riding. With that I will work to be on the podium throughout the season.

Here is what Team Manager Drew Danielo had to say about Trevor:

P5: What about Trevor grabbed your attention to look at as a team rider?
DD: I have been watching Trevor ride for a few years now. He was dominate in 2013 in the outlaw division and he has a very cool style. 2014 Trevor was still riding great and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was battling with myself and the rest of the pro riders. The 2015 USA National Wakesurf Championships was the real eye opener for me. Trevor killed it all weekend. Consistent riding with some good riding and a lot of techinical tricks. Trevor placing 3rd in that contest is a win for Trevor. That was the toughest line up of pro men skim riders to date in this sport. What really caught my attention was how well Trevor handled it all. Very laid back and very humbled. You would have thought it was just another day for Trevor. Even after the awards he was just hanging and skating with his friends and fellow competitors. Not even talking about his 3rd place finish. Like nothing happened. Trevor is exactly what we at Phase 5 are looking for. Great riders but even greater attitudes off the water. I have a feeling big things are in store for Trevor.

P5: If you could give advice to Trevor about Team P5 what would it be?
DD: Welcome to the team and be ready to defend yourself. haha We say we joke with the ones we love. Well there is a lot of love on this team. Just ask Shane Blanton and Jamie Drew! It’s all in good fun and Trevor will fit right in. Your not another team rider at Phase 5. Here you become another part of our family.

Trevor testing out some new P5′s and getting ready for 2016.
Trevor boosting the 2016 Race surf style
Trevor making the Hammerhead do what he wants.
Flying on the new Matrix

Trevor also rides for Smith Optics and Wakesurf NC