Here we go! The 2016 contest season is here. This past weekend was the kickoff here in North America with the 2016 Supreme Wakesurf Championships on Lake Weir. It was great to have the first event of the season on the east coast for a change and even better being in Florida. We rolled in to Ocala Thursday afternoon and after a quick pre set up at the contest site I met up with some of team P5 at our rental house. We dropped my boat in the water and everyone got in a quick set. A quick set with team P5 on board is anything but typical. We laughed, we made of each other, we played the chipmunks for Shane, we played air supply and Barney for Mike and we made more fun of each other. It was also nice to see our friend Flat Shane. He spent his summer in Flroida with Drew and it shows with amazing tan he still has.

Unfortunately the wind started and it didn’t stop for 3 days. 20+mph winds all weekend made for tough contest conditions and even tougher to set up our P5 tent and merchandise. But never the less we set up for a few hours and we enjoyed the weekend. We all agree that the real bonus to going to a contest was getting to see and hang out with all of our team riders and friends. Everyone was riding great considering most of them have not rode more than 15 minutes in the past 5 months. Its amazing to see the talent of these young riders. We had a lot of team P5 on the podium with John Akerman and Jodi Grassman winning the Pro Skim divisions and Kia Grindland taking 3rd in her first event riding as a pro. From amateurs all the way up to the pro ranks there are new faces as well as names we know just absolutely killing it. 2016 is going to be a crazy year with a lot of big moments.

For me most of the highlights didn’t happen at the contest. I always enjoy contest and competing and hanging with all of our friends. For me the “Phase 5 House” was were the action was at. First I am so honored to be the team manager for this team. The Phase 5 house was not paid for by Phase 5. It was just team riders (and James Walker, but we feel he fits in to be a P5er) that all wanted to hang out together so we all pitched in and rented a house on the lake. I feel there are no other teams out there as close as the P5 team. It truly is family. We BBQ’d, we watched hockey, we made fun of each other and we played a lot of Pass The Pigs! If you have not yet played this game you need to go buy it and enjoy. It was loud and rowdy and we played way too late in to the night. Trotters, Double Razorbacks and Leaning Jowlers were going down. It was the typical great time with good friends.

Others can say what they want about wake surfing, but we are not going away. I think they may just be a little jealous of what we have happening! Wake surfing is growing faster than any other water sport and we are stoked to see many of you on Phase 5 boards. 50% of the this riders in this event were riding a Phase 5.

Here are some pictures from the P5 team session and some podium shots.
Am. Womens Skim- 1st Place Ashley riding the P5 Matrix, 3rd Place Bonnie riding the P5 Diamond Luv
Mens Masters: 1st Place Scott Culp on the P5 Matrix, 2nd Place Eric Grindland on the P5 Hammerhead, 3rd Place Danny B on the P5 Matrix
Mens Am Skim: 2nd Place Christian on the P5 Hammerhead
Women Outlaw Skim: 2nd Place Abby Chao on the P5 Matrix, 3rd Place Sammie on the P5 Diamond
Outlaw Mens Skim: 3rd Place Leland Watkins on the P5 Matrix
Womens Masters: 1st Place Jennifer Currin on the P5 Matrix, 2nd Place Beth Chao on the P5 Model X, 3rd Place Sue Borton on the P5 Wire
Pro Women Skim: 1st Place Jodi Grassman on the P5 Diamond Luv, 3rd Place Kia Grindland on the P5 Diamond Luv
Pro Mens Skim: 1st Place John Akerman on the P5 Matrix
Flat Shane buckled up and ready for the weekend
Trevor Grindland knocking the long winter off.

3D Shane Blanton enjoying the warm Florida sunshine

Mike LaMacchia dragging, laughing and shredding to some Barney on the radio.


Kia Grindland showing the boys how it is done.

Drew enjoying boat time with the crew


Jason Lybeck getting his surfing feet back underneath him

Flat Shane getting Cozy with Stacia and Chris
DOUBLE RAZORBACK! Passing the Pigs