Words: Eric Grindland

This last Mothers Day weekend the Arizona Wake Surf Open kicked off the World Series of Wakesurfing in the USA. The two day event was moved back to Two Cow Cove on Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix. The weather was spectacular and most riders were enjoying their fist surf of the season with out their wetsuits. Riders enjoyed the plus minute coarse tucked away in the calm waters of the cove. Riders were continuing to push the sport including Jodi Grassman’s first ever 540 Big Spin in the Female Pro Skim Division competition.

Congratulations to Phase 5 team riders who competed in the event!

Pro Female Skim
1st Jodi Grassman
3rd Brittney Nyrose
4th Julie Vasselin

Pro Male Skim
3rd Max Smetts

Masters Male Skim
2nd Eric Grindland

Full Results

M Pro Skim Max 3

M Masters Eric 2- Max in for Mark Walser 3

Juniors Keira Randall 2

F Pro Skim Jodi 1- Brittney 3

All Photos: Eric Grindland