Words: Zach Smetts

Last weekend as I was relaxing with my family in the living room I decided to pull up the Phase 5 YouTube channel on my apple TV. I thought it would be cool to go back and watch some of the videos we have released over the years, and I wanted to show my daughter Harper some wake surfing! She was totally into the videos, especially when there were girls in them, she can’t wait to do it.

As I was watching them I couldn’t help but be proud of everything we have accomplished at Phase 5, and how far we have come. We still remain grounded by the same group of individuals who simply love to surf! We love building great boards, and riding them even more.

My wife Allison said, “You should do some TBT (Throw Back Thursday) post on these videos”. Great idea I thought, so here I am with the first one.

This video was shot in 2010 by each other riding. Edited by Drew Danielo himself. We got the gang together down at good ol gator and water moccasin infested lake Rotunda (we don’t really ride there anymore because of this). I remember this night being a awesome evening shoot with a stack full of cool sunset photos and videos. It is cool to see the progression in everyones riding over the years! And how far along we have come in terms of video production. Even though we are now shooting with professional equipment and friends in the industry, you can’t beat a solid go pro video by each one of your homies!

Make sure you check out the old 2011 catalog from this shoot below!

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