Head over to Wakesurf Media and check out the latest interview with Phase 5 World Champion team rider Jodi Grassman. READ THE INTERVIEW

We have just released Jodi’s first pro model, the LEEO. Check it out!

Board Info
Jodi Grassman has been one of the most influential women riders in wake surfing. Her powerful, aggressive riding style and impressive bag of tricks turns heads of both sexes. It is no question Jodi Grassman has rightfully earned herself a pro model, and we are excited to unveil her first signature wake surf board together, the LEEO.

Jodi really loved the way the LUV worked for her, but together we had some ideas to help take her riding to the next level. The shape is wider in the tail and slightly fuller in the nose. This makes the LEEO faster and a better performer when riding revert. We utilized the same core the popular Matrix board features which translates into increased speed, POP, and responsiveness.

The LEEO features all new carbon/innegra material on the deck playing off our claim to crafting the strongest, best preforming boards in the industry. The LEEO also features artwork completely designed and inspired by her vision. The LEEO comes in a full size range that will satisfy a large group of both female and male riders.