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Video: Wake 2K16 With The Blanton’s

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Team rider Shane Blanton featured in this teaser video edited by brother Corbin Blanton (who is also the one ripping on a wakeboard). It looks like they will be releasing a few more edits of their 2016 riding season, stay tuned!


Phase 5 Presents: Tow At’s With John Akerman

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Earlier this summer the we shot a fun clip in Georgia of P5 team riders John Akerman, Max Smetts, and Leland Watkins. There was some serious tricks being thrown down. All in all it was a great day on the lake and …
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Stacia Bank: Video Of The Year

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Watch team rider Stacia Bank in her submission for Video Of The Year! Only one day left to obtain as many views possible. Also check her out on the recently updated boards page!


WATCH LIVE: World Wake Surfing Championship

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The World’s is here! If you are in Florida and want to see the best competitive wake surfing going down, head out to Ft. Lauderdale’s B Ocean Resort and check it out! Good luck to all the contestants and hope everyone has …
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Wakesurfing From Above: Shane Blanton

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The lakes up north have thawed and the Blanton bros leave no time to waste. These guys make a great team when it comes to making videos and always deliver! Watch in HD 1080p!! Took out my DJI Phantom 3 Professional to …
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John Akerman 720 Bigspin

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Floridian John Akerman kicking the rust off and getting warmed up on a nice sunny February day in Florida.

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Team Spotlight: Chris Hau Caught On Camera w/ Nick Cannon

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Team rider Chris Hau is at it again with his special talent of playing guitar and wake surfing simultaneously. Catch him tonight in a special segment on NBC at 8pm for the show Caught On Camera w/ Nick Cannon! Here is a …
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Video: The Winter Wake

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Marc Besner & Yann Roy took a cold ride on a frozen river on december 30 2015. Thanks to Brodeur Marine and Mastercraft for making this possible. Music by Marc AndrĂ© Gilbert Cinematography Guillaume Beaudoin & Cynthia Caraz Aerial by Alexei Klimov …
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