Brand new for 2017, the Fang features a fresh new outline coupled in our new FLEXTEC lamination. FLEXTEC offers a perfect blend of torsional strength offering maximum POP and reflex. The outline creates two pivotal locations that result in tighter, more controlled turns while the extra width aids in aerial maneuvers and building/maintaining momentum. Bite into the latest wakesurf technology available with the Fang.

ModelDimensionsThick.Ht. RangeWt. Limit
5252″ × 20.5″1.7″5’3″ – 6’1″200 Lbs.
5757″ × 21″1.7″5’7″ – 6’5″250 Lbs.

Build MaterialFLEXtec™+E-Glass

Fin SetupQuad 3.7″

TractionPerformance Surf