***Shown as skim style setup, comes equipped with 2 skim & 2 surf fins***


The Fireball is a one of a kind board, based on the outline and rocker pattern of the Matrix, and built with P5’s surfboard tech. It is wrapped with our standard E-Glass construction. The dual outside surf style twin fins deliver a true surfboard feel, ready to boost airs and giant bottom turns. Run the dual center skim fins and you will be throwing down shuvits with the same board. The Fireball is the jack of all trades.

ModelDimensionsThick.Ht. RangeWt. Limit
5353″ × 20.5″1.5″5’3″ – 6’1″200 Lbs.
5757″ × 21″1.5″5’7″ – 6’5″250 Lbs.

Build MaterialPropel™+E-Glass

Fin SetupTwin 4.3 Surf + Optional Dual 1″ Skim

TractionDeluxe Surf Small