AGE:  24

HOME LAKE:  Lake Simcoe, ON

STANCE:  Goofy

BOAT:  2007 Malibu VLX

BOAT SET UP:  Stock ballast, The Wedge at full with 600 pounds of extra water ballast in the back and 100 in the front.

SPONSORS:  Phase 5 Boards, Go Pole, Rip Curl Clothing and my family!

“Wait a minute, who is that guy wakesurfing and playing the guitar at the same time? Ladies and gentlemen meet Chris Hau. This guy is one of the most multitalented people we have ever met and are so so thrilled to have him on the P5 team. Chris brings not only amazing riding but a fresh energetic vibe that is contagious to everyone. It is not uncommon to catch “Hau” launching huge 3 shuv’s on the morning glass to posting yet another awesome YouTube video of him ripping the guitar to one of many amazing tracks in the afternoon. If you have ever been to a competition with him you have likely seen him jamming at a campfire wearing that P5 hat on backwards. If you think it ends there your wrong. Chris is also an established video director/editor that has already proven himself with several successful TV series. If you were to ask Chris what motivates him to be so multi talented he would say the constant support from his family and girlfriend Lizzie. Stay tuned to see what Hau comes up with next”
-Words By: Jamie Drew-