AGE:  36

HOME LAKE:  Crystal Lake, Middle of Nowhere, FL

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2015 Nautique G21

BOAT SET UP:  Stock Ballast, Nautique Surf sytem set at 2, NCRS set at 2 or 3, Speed 11.2 mph

SPONSORS:  Phase 5 Boards, Nautique Boats, Roswell Wake Air,, Lyke, Shuvwear, Allatoona Adventures My wife Nicole and son Ty

“From skate, skim to surf and everything in between Drew Danielo is a true pro. Drew entered into the wakesurfing scene back in the early 2000′s having already concurred a successful pro carrier in the skim and wakeskake game. Viewed as the pioneer in taking wakesurfing from just cruising the wake to throwing down 5 shuv’s and beyond. This is what currently gives him the only surfer to hold 7 World Wakesurfing titles. For all the accomplishments that Drew has gained in his career, none match what he has achieved in being one of the best family men we know. His dedication to his wife Nicole and little man Ty is exemplary. It is not uncommon to see the Danielo’s out enjoying whatever competition they may be at. If you were to ask Drew what his favorite part of wakesurfing is he would say it’s teaching and watching the sport grow. Drew’s commitment to teaching little surfers to adults is impressive, and always with a smile. So whether at a competition or a boat show be sure to go introduce yourself to Drew and see what all the hype is about.”
-Words By: Jamie Drew-