AGE:  25

HOME LAKE:  Lake June, FL

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2014 Centurion Enzo 233

BOAT SET UP:  Full port ballast, 40% starboard ballast, Cats 70, Trim 30, Speed 10.8

SPONSORS:  Centurion Boats, Phase 5, Smith Optics, Transition Watersports

“Wakesurfing is something a lot of us are very passionate about, there are many reasons why. For me, it has been more then the endless waves we day dream about while out of the water. Wakesurfing has brought so many great people into my life and Jackie Costa is one of many! Jackie is one of the newest editions to our P5 family and I couldn’t be more stoked! Jackie is someone I surf with most and she never fails to put on a show! What blows my mind the most is how Jackie can complete clean switch frontside big spins, shuvs, and airs after 1440 surface spins! She is known for her podium finishes over the years and is always a standout in the women’s pro division. During wakesurfing events, there can be quite a bit of down time between heats. with that being said, Jackie Costa is someone you want to hangout with. Never a dull moment!”

-Words By: John Akerman-