AGE:  34

HOME LAKE:  Calabogie Lake

STANCE:  Goofy

BOAT:  2015 Axis

BOAT SET UP:  Will tell you when the snow melts!

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, Shuvwear, Hurst Marine, Axis

“Jamie Drew. I met Jamie at the Canadian Wakesurf Nationals this year and it was by far the best event of the year. He is such a fun guy to be around and is always cracking jokes. Whether he’s playing alvin and the chipmunks for dirty (Shane Blanton) or hanging out on the lake with his family and friends he is always having a good time. Jamie’s riding has been rapidly progressing over the past 2 years. Jamie enjoys competing and being at contest, but at the end of the day it is all about good friends and family out on the water having fun with him. ”
-Words By: Zach Smith-