AGE:  37

HOME LAKE:  Depends on the wind.

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2015 Supreme S226

BOAT SET UP:  Port side stock ballast and Bow ballast 100% full. 200 lb extra in bow, 200 lb extra in port locker. (I like it leaning!) 10.8 MPH

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, Supreme boats, Electric Sunglasses and accessories, Faction Marine, Faction boardshop

“Jason Lybeck is such a talented and aggressive rider. He dedicates so much of his time to wakesurfing and does everything he can to grow the sport. He is so fun to watch and overall a great person to be around! Jason is not only a serious competitor but his passion for boardsports is shown through his Shop in Minnesota called “The Faction BoardShop.” Wake stuff in the summer and snow gear in the winter Jason lives to be around boards and some form of water. If you find yourself in Minnesota be sure to stop by the Faction and say hi to Jason.”

-Words By: Kia Grindland-