AGE:  17

HOME LAKE:  Lake Carlos

STANCE:  Goofy

BOAT:  2015 Malibu 23 LSV w/ Surfgate

BOAT SET UP:  Stock ballast, Surfgate at 10.9 mph

SPONSORS:  Phase Five, The Faction, Minnesota Inboard, Malibu Boats

“Any day on the lake with Kia Grindland is a fun day. Kia rips on her phase 5 luv. She learned shuvs last summer and even landed one at The Minnesota Wakesurf Championship on her own turf- behind a Malibu 23 LSV. I think she is having just as much fun riding surf style! We shared boards at the Phase 5 photo shoot and she was shredding on the new Stacia Surf. Kia’s skills don’t end at wakesurfing–if she spikes a volleyball at you, I would recommend ducking. As a high school senior, Kia is already taking college classes so she can buy her own boat gas someday. :) Kia is an awesome person on and off the water. She is in a Big Sister program acting as a mentor to a sweet little girl who needs one. I am looking forward to more water time with Kia. I hope you get to meet her too! Just look for her smile! “
-Words By: Drew Danielo-