AGE:  5 months

HOME LAKE:  Lake Clay, FL

STANCE:  Usually Sleeping

BOAT:  2014 Nautique G21

BOAT SET UP:  All I need is about 15oz’s of Ballast in a bowl. I drink about 5oz’s and then fall a sleep in the other 10!

SPONSORS:  Phase 5 Boards, Nautique Boats, Mom and my brother Brewski

“Maui has become Team Mascot for Phase 5. At just 5 months old she has already worked the Atlanta Boat Show and been in the team photo shoot. Maui belongs to Team Rider Jodi Grassman but the whole team has taken some ownership. She loves to be out in the boat watching people tear it up on there Phase 5’s. Just make sure you don’t bring some other companies board on her boat! She also really enjoys napping and fighting with her 120lb, American Bulldog brother, Brewski. Even though she doesn’t back down from him she is the sweetest little black lab you will find. You will see her at many contest in the future so go and have your photo taken with the Coolest Mascot in Wakesurfing, Maui.”
-Words By: Drew Danielo-