AGE:  21

HOME LAKE:  Lake June, FL

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  Centurion FX22

BOAT SET UP:  Full stock Ballast, 350l;bs sack on the port side and 350lb sack in the bow.

SPONSORS:  Phase 5 Boards, Zap Skimboards,

“Max Smetts is another one that was born to be on a board. Son of Phase 5 and Zap Skimboards owner Bob Smetts, Max has been on a board since he could walk. Coming from a very strong skimboard background where he is still competing and placing in the pro division, Max brings his beach style behind the boat in a big way. From big airs to 3 shuvs to 540 big spins, He looks very comfortable behind the boat. He will be making his way to some events for the 2015 season and he will be primed and ready to go. Max like all of the P5 team is always up to help other riders with how to tips, so if you see him make sure you go say hi”
-Words By: Drew Danielo-