AGE:  18

HOME LAKE:  Keuka LAke

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2013 Nautique G23

BOAT SET UP:  Stock ballast, NSS 4 NCRS 2 at 11.0mph

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, BoardCo., Southtown Watersports

“Miller is the perfect blend of personality, style and skill. Off the water he is a down to earth and approachable talent, but get him on a board and his inner shark appears. He slays the boards like he is a wake surf ninja only leaving behind dropped jaws and awes. Miller is developing his talent in all aspects of wakesurfing with the goal of climbing the competitive ranks. Millers positive energy and laid back personality are essential for any wakesurfing crew. Combine that personality with his brother Sarge and you’ve got a recipe for a great day on the water”-Words By: The Chris Hau-