AGE:  24

HOME LAKE:  Ashippun LAke, WI

STANCE:  Goofy

BOAT:  2015 Malibu MXZ 22

BOAT SET UP:  Full stock ballast, 750lbs in the back lockers, 1000lbs up front, Power Wedge at 25%, and surf gate at 11mph

SPONSORS:  Phase 5,, Tinus Marine, Spy Optics, HDX mix, Globe Shoes, Ryno Power, Lifeproof

“Shane Blanton, aka “Dirty,” is a must have on any surfing trip. Not only can he throw down real steezy and smooth tricks, but his attitude and good vibes always make for a great ride. Shane is super nice and always up for anything, its always a pleasure to ride with him. Not only does Shane bring a lot of steezy tricks to the table, hes also a prime addition to any boat. Besides being genuinly happy and playful all the time, Shane plays in a mariachi band, Shane is always energetic and up for anything. Actually, his mariachi band has become such a crucial part of his life that he has actually nicknamed himself “Dirty Sanchez.” Shane is a vital part to the Phase 5 family and is always ready for a fun time.”
-Words By: Miller Kinlin-