AGE:  19

HOME LAKE:  Lake Carlos, MN

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  2015 Malibu 23 LSV

BOAT SET UP:  Stock ballast, Surfgate out, wedge down, 10.8 mph

SPONSORS:  Phase 5, Malibu Boats, Minnesota Inboard, Agenda Surf, Faction Boardshop, Surf MN, and Zeal Optics

“Trevor Grindland is a Minnesota Wakesurfing icon. On a summer day (or really, any day their isn’t thick ice) you can find Trev shredding behind his Malibu 23 LSV. Trev makes the most of the MN temps and even did an acid drop start off a floating ice chunk in a MN lake on 4/27/13. Whether he’s at a comp, training, playing with his fun family and friends at the cabin, or teaching lessons, Trevor finds a way to get on the water. He has a super smooth, relaxed riding style and manages to make the hardest tricks look effortless. Trev is always trying something new and was the first to do a Surfgate shuv transfer. Look for him on the lake or at a comp, he’s 6’3″ and if he’s wakesurfing, he’s smiling”
-Words By: Stacia Bank-