AGE:  27

HOME LAKE:  Lake June, FL

STANCE:  Regular

BOAT:  Centurion FX22

BOAT SET UP:  Full stock Ballast, 350l;bs sack on the port side and 350lb sack in the bow.

SPONSORS:  Phase 5 Boards, Zap Skimboards

“Zach has been around the water his whole life. Born into the Zap/ Phase 5 family, he was born to shred. Zach has a long wrap sheet of skimboarding contest and has dabbled in wakesurf events over the last 5-6 years. But contest aren’t really Zach, Zach is just all about the shred. Get out on the boat with crew and have fun. Zach has recently been destroying it on the Phase 5 surf style line up. From the Aku to the Jam to the Wire Zach is ripping it. But don’t be fooled, he can jump on a skim style and throw it down with the best of them. Zach is a family man and also one of the key factors in the day to day running of the Phase 5 Factory. If you see it on a computer or printed on paper, Zach was behind it. When you see him at a contest or out on the lake stop by and say hi or offer him a shred behind your boat. You will end up with a new friend and get to watch some great riding.”-Words By: Drew Danielo-