2019 Phase Five Doctor BLEM Wakesurfboard 57”

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The BLEM on this surfboard is around the fin plug. There is a dent near the plug which is why this board is discounted. It will have no affect on the overall ride of board and is purely cosmetic.

Big Guy Alert! Don’t be left behind… (the boat ). You have asked for a remedy for the “lost my wave performance blues”, so we called up the Doctor. His script calls for a massive dose of planing surface with a fast, trim rail line and 4X fin set up delivered in a FlexTech glass wrap shell. Ample nose rocker to keep her on top, a clean single concave to charge down the line and gentle tail kick make the Doctor fast, stable and forgiving with plenty of maneuverability. A painless cure for the sluggish blues, the Doctor is a great addition to any quiver!  

Model Dimensions Volume Wt. Limit
55 55" × 19" × 2" 24 Liters 225 Lbs.
57 57" × 20.25" × 2" 28 Liters 275 Lbs.
59 59" × 21.3" × 2" 31 Liters 325 Lbs.

Build Material FLEXtec
Supplied Fins Surf style  4.3″ Quad Set
Traction Deluxe Large Surf Pad