Phase Five Diamond CL Wakeskimboard 57"

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Minor cosmetic issues


The Phase Five Diamond CL Wakesurf Board is the same proven Danielo Diamond shape without the carbon construction. This allows the price to come down and allow you to get the best skim shape on the market. Look no further when you are looking for a performance shape. The tail is a mix of a diamond and a boxy square tail. The wide tail translates to a fast design and adds some stability. You can also dig the point of the tail into the wake for pivot turns. Drew wanted the Diamond to have a lot of speed when riding down the wave but break free for spinning tricks. Each board is painted differently and colors ship assorted.  

54" x 20.5 x 0.75" (10.6 Liters)
57" x 20.75 x 0.75" (11 Liters)