Performance Skim Style

Phase Five Prop BLEM Wake Skimboard


  • $513.00
  • Regular price $535.00

This is a factory BLEM.  There are minor cosmetic imperfections, nothing that will affect the boards performance.  BLEMS are marked at either 10% or 20% off depending on how noticeable the imperfection is.  

Comes equipped with pads and fins.

One of the original Phase 5 models. This is the same board Drew Danielo used to win his first two world titles. The Prop is a high performance shape that rips, and easy to ride for newcomers as well. 

The Prop is built utilizing our very own Composilte™ Construction. Unique to the industry, our Composilite™ building process has been pioneered, refined and perfected over the years, starting back in 1983. The Composilite™ process allows us to build a semi-custom, high quality, pro finished board for all levels of riders at an economical price, due to the fact that it virtually eliminates all the extensive and labor intensive finishing process that is attached with our high end boards.

Size Dimensions Thickness Wt. Limit
One Size 54" × 20.375" ¾" 190 Lbs.

Build Composilite Construction

Fin Size 2"