Handmade in the USA

Every Phase Five board is handmade at our factory in Venice Florida. Our boards have a difference you can feel. Lightweight, strong and balanced, each one is truly a work of art.

Trick Tips Videos

Searching for some good tips to help improve your riding skills? We have compiled a page of videos to help you progress. From getting up for the first time to advanced maneuvers, we have you covered.

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Custom Hammerhead 53 Wake For Warriors edition

8.10.17 - Posted in:   News

The moment you have been waiting for. The start of the auction for this amazing Phase 5 Hammerhead 53 Wake For Warriors edition board. 100% of the money raised from this board will go directly to Wake For Warriors. The money raised …
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Jodi Grassman Raises The Bar Again: 540 Shuv It

8.10.17 - Posted in:   Video

Once again, Jodi Grassman has set a new first for women wake surfing. After months and months attempts and crashes and frustration, her perserverance has paid off. We received this video yesterday of Jodi stomping the 540 Shuv it. It will only …
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