Handmade in the USA

Every Phase Five board is handmade at our factory in Venice Florida. Our boards have a difference you can feel. Lightweight, strong and balanced, each one is truly a work of art.

Trick Tips Videos

Searching for some good tips to help improve your riding skills? We have compiled a page of videos to help you progress. From getting up for the first time to advanced maneuvers, we have you covered.

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3 Clips with Jodi Grassman

2.7.17 - Posted in:   News /  Video

Post by Drew Danielo While sitting at my desk today I received a text message from team rider Jodi Grassman. The message had no words. Just 3 separate clips. I watched the clips and 2 things popped in to my head. 1. …
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Shane Blanton – 2K16

1.23.17 - Posted in:   Video

Words: Drew Danielo We just received an email from Corbin Blanton at Cb Filmz that contained the link to this video. After I watched the video I realized 2 things. 1. Corbin makes insanely good videos. 2. Shane Blanton absolutely kills it …
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