Handmade in the USA

Every Phase Five board is handmade at our factory in Venice Florida. Our boards have a difference you can feel. Lightweight, strong and balanced, each one is truly a work of art.

Trick Tips Videos

Searching for some good tips to help improve your riding skills? We have compiled a page of videos to help you progress. From getting up for the first time to advanced maneuvers, we have you covered.

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A weekend to remember…

7.25.17 - Posted in:   Events /  News /  Photos

Words By: Drew Danielo A few months back I was asked to go to Minnesota for the Minnesota Wake Surfing Championships and to spend time with Wake For Warriors. Once I heard Wake For Warriors it was a quick yes for me. …
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Phase 5 In Minnesota

7.10.17 - Posted in:   News /  Photos

Words: Max Smetts Last week we took a trip up to Minnesota with John Akerman to hang out with the Bank family and visit a few dealers. We had the opportunity to test out a few of the 2018 models that we …
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